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STRIDE power skating program

January 2016 Registration Form

Better hockey, one player at a time 

Richmond Minor Hockey is committed to offering hockey players in our association the very best developmental skating program. As part of this program, we are excited to have Michelle Pepin on our development team. As our (Power Skating coach, Michelle exposes our players to a number of styles and techniques all designed to provide them with the knowledge and tools to become the best skaters they can be. Some of what players will be learning may sound familiar; some will be completely new. Our instructor will provide you with the knowledge and training that will enhance and improve your overall hockey skating techniques.

Michelle Pepin -
Power Skating Instructor
Top 10 world ranked 2013 in Master's Long Track Age Class 500m
Top 20 ranked in the world for 1000m,1500m & 3000m
2013 Silver Medalist Age Class at the International Master Sprint Games held in Salt Lake City Utah.
20+ years playing hockey up to College level in Northern Ontario
15+ years coaching
2012 Canadian Master Women's Gold medalist ( Long Track ) 
2011 Provincial Senior Women's Gold medalist ( Short Track)
Canadian record holder Master Women's (1) in 500m,1000m,1500m & 3000m (Long Track)
Canadian record holder Master Women's (1) in 1000m & 1500m (Short Track)
Fully Certified NOHA Hockey L1 Coach and Trainer
Fully Certified Skate Canada Power Skating Coach Highest Level
Fully Certified Speed Skating Coach L1

What is Power Skating?

Power Skating involves the study of edges, balance and movement based on the laws of physics. It further incorporates muscular strength, coordination and agility. Power Skating refers to the coaching of proper skating technique. Power Skating is often confused with conditioning. While on-ice conditioning is an important part of your hockey program, the benefits of training while skating correctly are far more valuable. By learning and practicing proper technique, you will begin to skate more efficiently. Your body will learn to work effortlessly for you instead of against you. The idea is to sharpen these skills to the point of perfection, where skating correctly becomes a habit. Once you achieve this level of expertise, the rewards are abundant. You will notice increased speed, power and quickness as well as the hidden benefits of confidence, endurance and versatility. These are the characteristics that make you a valuable member of your team and an intimidating nightmare for your opponents.