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Intro to Hockey Program

Intro 2012 13

The 2016 17 
?Intro to Hockey
 ice times are as follows:

m - 
at Richmond
Olympic Oval South
.  The professional coaches for this session will be Glenn Wheeler and Jasper Tang
?Wednesday 3:45 - 4:45  at Richmond Ice Centre, Garage. The professional coaches for this session will be Kirk Darbyshire and Jasper Tang
Saturday 11 am - noon at Richmond Ice Centre, Coliseum. The professional coaches for this will be Glenn Wheeler and Kirk Darbyshire

Our Intro Program is for players aged 6 to 16 who have never played hockey in an organized league.The objective of this full-equipment program is to use professional hockey instructors to guide these youngsters through quick development of their basic hockey skills, while having fun and boosting their confidence.

Richmond Minor Hockey Assocation's Intro Program is designed to be a one-year focus on skating and hockey skills enabling a player to jumpstart into full league play in his/her second year.Most players join the sport of hockey when they are between four and seven years old; but there are many who become interested in the sport at later ages.

Learning to skate well and mastering the individual and team skills of hockey takes years of practice, so most players who get involved with hockey at older ages find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to keeping up and getting fully involved in game situations. In fact, many such players become frustrated at not being able to participate fully, and quit the sport.

Players in Richmond Minor Hockey Association's Intro Program are encouraged to practice with a team in their age group as well as attending the Intro Program, and some players make the jump to a regular team prior to the end of the season.The Intro Program has successfully enabled new players to be much further ahead, with their confidence intact, in the next year when they join a regular team.

Because all players in the Intro Program are new to hockey, the instruction is specifically tailored to their ability level, thus meeting their needs directly in a non-competitive environment.  If, by contrast, they were placed directly onto a team, they would have to compete with players who have had years of prior experience. This is usually very frustrating for the new players, who seldom if ever touch the puck during a game. 

The Richmond Minor Hockey Association Intro Program also helps the coaches of regular teams as they are not faced with the daunting task of having to deal with new skaters while trying to advance the skills of other players and developing team strategies.

As one Intro coach stated: I really enjoy coaching these players.  They are all motivated by a desire to play and get better at the game; and I can see advances in their abilities every week of the season.

Our Director of Intro to Hockey is Tony Badenhorst. He can be reached at

For more information about Richmond Minor Hockey Association's Intro Program or to register for the hockey season, please contact us by email ( ) or telephone (778-859-9383).