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Intro to Hockey - Information for Families


We'll Help Your Child

Play Canada's Game!

Have fun, learn hockey skills and improve skating

The Head Coach for this program is Glenn Wheeler. He is Richmond Minor Hockey Association's Director of Player and Coach Development.

Our Intro to Hockey Director is Tony Badenhorst

Our 2017/18 Intro to Hockey ice times will  be announced when we receive our ice schedule from Richmond Ice Centre. We promise a flexible, family-friendly schedule that will work for you.

In addition to  ice sessions with other Intro to Hockey players and professional coaches, your child will also be invited to attend Player Development sessions.  We will post the Player Development schedule as soon as it is available.

Please read carefully, these are important items to note:

On-ice parent helpers are very welcome in Intro to Hockey so, if you would like to help on the ice and if you know how to skate, please let us know.  On ice helpers must wear hockey helmets at all times.

You child does not have to attend every session. If you want to come once or twice times a week, that is absolutely fine.

There will be ice cancellations during the season.
This is normal and it is factored into the price that you paid.
 Richmond Arenas takes away our ice when there are large events, including tournaments. For example, we probably will not have our ice sessions on Thanksgiving weekend and you definitely will not have ice sessions over the Winter Break. We will let you know about these cancellations as we get closer to the season.  

We will be assessing all of the children throughout the program and, if some of the children are ready, they will be moved to hockey teams.  We will not do this unless you agree.

Children must wear full equipment to every session.  See equipment list below. If you want to borrow equipment from us, we will help you with that in early September.

Younger participants often dress at home and arrive already dressed at the rink.

Once your child is wearing skates, please remind him/her to stay on rubber flooring so the skates remain sharp and undamaged.

We are still accepting registrations for Intro to Hockey. If you have a friend who would like to register, please ask them to call or email us.  Our registration phone number is 778 859 9383

Link to Equipment Checklist

How to Dress for Hockey