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RMHA will establish and maintain a Scholarship/Award of Merit Fund which will recognize RMHA players who demonstrate exemplary performance in the areas of academics, community involvement, and leadership within hockey. The Fund shall draw from RMHA general revenue or tournament surpluses, if any. The Executive Board will review the funds available annually, and determine the number of Scholarships and Awards of Merit to be distributed. Award selection shall be made by a Scholarship Committee, as outlined below. (“Scholarships” are awarded to those individuals with a grade point average sufficient for post-secondary studies.)


  • The purpose of this fund is to provide a source of revenue for the provisions of scholarships and awards of merit
  • RMHA wishes to encourage its hockey players to achieve their academic and/or vocational goals while continuing their association with
  • There are to be Scholarships and Awards of Merit awarded The number and amount of the Scholarships/Awards of Merit allotted is dependent on monies in the Scholarship/Award of Merit Fund.



  • RMHA players, coaches and referees who: (i) are registered with the Association for the hockey season in which application for a scholarship or award is made, (ii) have been registered with RMHA for at least three years (although such years need not be consecutive), and (iii) are in good standing with RMHA
  • Applicants are in Grade 12 or graduated from high school for one year
  •  Scholarship/Award of Merit funds should be used for tuition at a post-secondary institution.
  • A person may not receive more than one RMHA Scholarship/Award of Merit




RMHA scholarships/awards of merit amounts will be based on a combination of the following:

  • good sportsmanship, leadership and character within the Association and the community
  • good scholastic standings to qualify for a scholarship, and evidence of good standing and/or effort within any secondary program to qualify for an award of merit
  • good performance, ability and dedication to the Association displayed in capacity as a player, coach, referee or volunteer



 A Scholarship Committee will be established annually prior to December 31 of each year.  It will be comprised of at least three individuals; one of whom will be a current or past Member of RMHA. The Member so appointed will be the chair of the committee, and will nominate individuals for appointment to the Scholarship Committee (who need not be Members, and who preferably would be school administrators), and such nominations must be approved by the Executive Board.


 Applicants will be invited each year to submit applications for Scholarships or Awards of Merit. The form of application will be made available to each potential candidate by mail, e- mail, notice or by posting the form on the RMHA website. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, who based on the qualifications of each applicant, will recommend a scholarship / award amount for each individual. Selections and amounts will be approved by the Executive Board.


 The information to be submitted with an application may vary and be determined by the Scholarship Committee each year, however the following will generally be required:

Name,  address, phone number and a letter of application specifying the applicant’s hockey achievements, participation in RMHA, and other achievements (including academic, hockey, sport, community, family, volunteer participation, and service).

  • copy of school report, with a letter from school principal or
  • a letter of recommendation from:
    • a coach, when applicant is a player
    • RMHA Coach Coordinator, when applicant is a coach
    • RMHA Referee-In-Chief, when applicant is a referee



Applications and supporting documents must be received no later than March 31st of the current season, or such other date as the Board may determine.





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