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Richmond Minor Hockey Association Referees

As some of you know, Richmond Minor Hockey Association has a tradition of producing excellent referees. In fact, two current NHL refs got their start in the RMHA, as well as a number of WHL and BCHL refs.

This is a call for our players to join the ranks of hockey officiating. It is an opportunity to put their skating skills and hockey sense to use. Officiating is an opportunity for them to see the game from a different point of view, work a job with responsibility and challenge, and contribute to the RMHA.

The first step in this journey is to register for the ‘online officiating 1/2’ referee course offered by Hockey Canada. This costs about $20 and will take a few days to finish since there are a number of videos for the aspiring refs to watch.

Once they have finished the online course, they will be able to register for a ‘level 1 referee course’ (or level 2 if 16 years or older) at a cost of about $90-$100. We have in the past offered an ‘in house’ clinic in Richmond at the RIC, and are attempting to do so again - please stand by for more info. Of course any ‘new level 1’ course would be fine. You will see a number of these offered around the province on the BC hockey clinics page.

The clinic is comprised of a morning classroom session and an afternoon on-ice session.  For the morning session, bring a pen and binder/clipboard. Bring a lunch. For the afternoon session, players will need full ref gear.


Full ref gear includes:     skates

                                    full water bottle

                                    hockey helmet with clear visor (about $75 for the visor)


                                    ref shirt (about $75)

                                    whistle (about 5$)

                                    black ‘track style’ pants (you can buy ref pants, but any all-black athletic pants will do)

                                    players may need ‘red ref bands’ later in the year


If players move on to refereeing Atom and/or PeeWee games it will be advisable to add some other protective gear, like shin pads, elbow pads, and a ref girdle.

Once players finish the ref course, they will be given the opportunity to work hockey 3 and 4 games, and the Christmas H3/4 tournament. Later in the year officials who have demonstrated good positioning, game knowledge, and confidence on the ice will be able to start lining and even reffing Atom games.

A special note to transfer-in players. If you have already completed your ref course elsewhere you need only send an email to our Referees in Chief (Ben Kiang and Hasret Sidhu) and you will receive instructions about how to sign up for RMHA games.

Best of luck to all of our players as they pursue this new endeavour.



For returning referees click here to sign up for referee clinics on the eHockey website. You must complete an update course every year. The courses are usually listed as of mid-August. You will need your Hockey ID number to sign up.  If you don't know your Hockey ID number, please contact our registrar or BC Hockey.

All referees who are aged 18 years or older must complete a criminal record check.

(above photos show referee development session, led by RMHA alumus and NHL ref Trevor Hanson) 


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